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The Horch FM2J is a condenser-wide diaphragm microphone in the tradition of the tried and tested RM2J . The microphone capsule of the FM2J is identical to the capsule of the RM2J Mark2.

The infinitely variable directional characteristics, the additional sound selector switch and the powerful sound make the FM2J as versatile as the original. The considerably smaller design makes it possible to use it even in areas which are difficult to access, such as in the case of drum recordings, for example in the bass drum.

The amplifier is based on a phantom-fed FET circuit with fixed gain, similar to a tube circuit, to adjust the down-transformation of the HOCRH transformer . The galvanically coupled transistor stage in class-A mode drives the HORCH transformer, which is used in all HORCH models. On the front is placed a sound selector switch, it offers the two very different operating modes in the sound.

In linear mode (when the selector switch is pressed), the directional characteristic can be set continuously between the ball, the kidney and the eight. The microphone works very linearly in this mode and is therefore equally suitable for all recording situations .

The vocal mode (with the selector switch not pressed) offers a special kidney characteristic with an even more pronounced close-up effect compared to the kidney characteristic in the linear mode, thereby helping the vocalist to achieve the desired "larger-than-life" sound .

The FM2J has, except for the amplifier, the same features as the "tube model" RM2J Mark 2 .




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