Daking Audio

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  • A High Performance Professional Compressor/Limiter compatible with 500 Racks Bypass Hardwire Bypass Ratio 31 Compression & 151 Limiting Attack Fast 1ms & 16ms Slow Release .5ms & Auto Dual Time Constant Compex Auto Stereo Link Accurately link any number of units Meter 8 Segments with Gain Reduction & Output with vu Ballistics and Floating Peak

  • A High Performance Professional Equalizer compatible with 500 Racks Equalizer: Hard By-Pass Five Frequencies in Each Band High and Low Shelving High and Low Mid Peaking with Inductors High: 8-10-12-15-20K High Mid Inductor: 1.5-3-5-7-9K Low Mid Inductor: 125-250-500-1K-2K Low: 80-50-80-100-150

  • MeterVU Movement for GainReduction-Input-OutputThreshold-10dbu to +10dbuRatio1.5:1 to 20:1Attack250uS to 64 MSReleaseSingle Time Constant.5Sec,1 Sec, 1.5 SecDual Time Constant33609 Auto, Compex AutoTriple Time ConstantFairchild 670#'s 5&6

  • Method of Limiting: FET (Field Effect Transistor) used as a variable resistorStereo Linking Method: Continuously Variable Audio SummingPower: 48volts dc @ 150 maOutput Drive: Differentially balanced +24dbv @ 1kHz 600 ΩRatios: 1.5:1, 2:1, 3:1, 5:1, 10:1, 20:1Attack Times: 250 μs to 64 msRelease Times: 500 ms to Auto Dual Time ConstantFrequency Response:...

  • Microphone InputTransform Balanced75db gain20db pad48volt Phantom PowerPhase ReverseLine InputTransformer BalancedAccepts up to +30dbuInstrument InputHigh Impedance forGuitars and otherUn-blanced sourcesOutput+30dbu TransformerBalancedMeter20 segment VU+PeakGenuine VU Ballistics

  • High Pass FilterContinuously Variable form 10Hz to 200 Hz 12 db per octaveMeter20 Segments with vu Balistics and PeakMicrophone InputTransformer Balanced70db gain20db pad48 volt Phantom PowerPhase ReverseInstrument InputFront Panel TRSOutput+24 XLR and 1/4" TRS OutSmart Balanced

  • Microphone Input: Transformer Balanced 75db gain 20db pad 48volt Phantom Power Phase ReverseLine Input: Transformer Balanced Accepts up to +30dbuOutput: Mute and Output level +30 Transformer BalancedEqualizer: Hard Relay By-Pass Five Frequencies in Each Band High and Low Shelving High and Low Mid Peaking with InductorsFilters: High and Low Pass

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