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Roger Schult - Aural editing system W2340

Roger Schult

W2340 filter functions

  • Two separate switchable inserts for ext. equipment, like compressors, EQs, limiters
  • Control switch for mono compatibility
  • Continuous control of the input gain between -10dB and +10dB
  • Control of the stereo width from mono to a factor of two
  • Solo function for the mid and the side signal with phase corrected pre listening
  • 2 fully equipped equalizers with bypass function
  • Adjustable filter frequency in the side signal from 125Hz to 6KHz
  • Adjustable filter frequency in the mid signal from 15Hz to 500Hz
  • Integrated correlation meter to control the phase of the signal
  • Switchable SEISMO high pass filter with an edge steepness of 36dB/octave

The aural editing system W2340 is designed by the RS-Laboratory to process audio material in stereo and M/S mastering environments.

The EQ section

The system offers the possibility of editing the mid and the side signal separately via two fully integrated parametric equalizers. The filter frequency, the gain and the Q factor can be controlled precisely with the dedicated knobs for each parameter.Thereby different resolutions of the filter frequency in both channels ensure an optimal adjustment for the use in the side and the mid channel. Both channels of the matrix are provided with an illuminated switch to bypass the editing of each channel, which allows an instant comparison between the processed and the original signal.

The SEISMO highpass filter

The SEISMO filter eliminates with 36dB/octave at 30Hz or 36Hz interfering infrasonic noise in the mid channel. This features a cleaner and punchy sound of the lower frequencies and expands the headroom of the whole signal.

The stereo-width function

The continous Stereo Width potentiometer controls the width of the side channel from mono to a factor of two. This setting can be used for a compensation of a mistaken stereo basis.

Mono compatibility and phase correction

The W2340 comes with a dedicated solo button for the side and the mid channel, a mono switch to check the mono compatibility and two buttons, which allow to change both channels of the side signal or to switch the phase. With 21 colored LEDs the integrated correlation meter informs about the correct phase of the signal.

Inserts for external signal processors

One of the most innovative features of the W2340 is the insert on both channels. With the insert chain other signal processors like compressors, limiters an EQs can be integrated to both channels of the aural editing system. Both effect inserts can be bypassed with an illuminated pushbutton switch.

The user interfaceAll pushbutton switches are illuminated if they are activated. That offers a reliabale visual control of all settings of the unit. The fixed resolution of the EQ and Input knobs offer the possibility of a complete reproduction of all settings, which determines the W2340 an ideal tool for ambitious  mastering jobs.


Universal mastering tool for complex editing of stereo and M/S signals, change of the range layering of individual instruments or tone ranges with the simultaneous possibility to adjust the stereo image and the spatial resolution, integration of external signal processors for the individual modification of the M/S matrix and the usage in different mastering environments, effective elimination of infrasonic noise during the fabrication of records, highpass filter for A/D converters, maximization of the level in mastering environments, adjustment of the stereo width with the possibility to use a higher factor than one to compensate mistaken stereo width settings

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Roger Schult - Aural editing system W2340

Roger Schult - Aural editing system W2340

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