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P&G - PGFX 3000

Penny & Giles

Penny+Giles controllers are the premier choice for the world´s leading sound and vision console manufacturers, and are considered the benchmark for quality and reliability.

The X3000 Series faders offer the ultimate in performance, having been designed to exceed the requirements of demanding professional applications.

Note : This product is only available to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). DJ's and end-users should contact the manufacturer of their mixer for information on after sales and service for the X3000 Series Crossfader.

Key Features

  • 45mm stroke
  • exceptional electrical and mechanical performance
  • user serviceability and replacement of key components
  • environmental shielding
  • glass smooth conductive plastic tracks
  • precious metal multi-finger contacts


P&G - PGFX 3000

P&G - PGFX 3000

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